We are just a couple of guys that like to Take A Knee while finishing a beer before leaving a bar, a tailgate, a BBQ, or any social event...

After seeing a young man in his army uniform Take A Knee to shake a young girl's hand, the idea hit us that far too often the sacrifices of our service men and women go unnoticed. Soldiers Take A Knee while on a mission to pause, or rest, yet stay attentive. They Take A Knee to pay their respects to those lost too soon. Take A Knee was born out of the idea that it is only because of these brave men and women that we are allowed to enjoy the freedom we so often take for granted.

So while we enjoy our friends and families, and go about our daily lives, let US pause and Take A Knee to say "Thank You", and remember those that put on the uniform everyday without fame, fortune, or recognition.

The men and women of our military serve to protect people they love and also people they don't even know. They protect people who support them and also those who may not. They serve no matter who the president is or what political party is in office. They serve America and all Americans.

Take A Knee is not political, our only goal is to do our part to say thank you and provide support to people that put their lives on the line everyday for us.

A portion of all proceeds from Take A Knee will go to military charities to help the families of veterans and military members.  To find out more about the charities that we support, please check out our blog.  Visit us on social media @takeaknee76 and join the community of support with #takeaknee76.