A Perfect Match!

When we first started working on Take A Knee, we wanted to do something to have an impact on the lives of our military servicemen and servicewomen as well as their families.  We know that there are a lot of charities out there that are doing great work and our goal is to be able to provide them with donations so that they can reach even more deserving families.  

We are announcing that our first donation will go to the Dog Tag Brewing Foundation.  This is an organization that contributes to legacy building initiatives for Gold Star families.  What is a Gold Star family?  The families of military servicemen and servicewomen who died in service to our nation.  The origin dates back to World War I.  The families of those serving in our armed forces would fly a flag that had a blue star for every immediate family member serving during any period of war or hostility in which the United States was engaged.  If one of these family members was killed in battle, the blue star was then replaced by a gold star.  It was a symbol that a family in the community had paid the ultimate sacrifice in the name of freedom.

Dog Tag Brewing provides grants to support organizations set up in remembrance of a hero lost in the line of duty.  They work with any size foundation from large to small, existing to start up.  In addition to funding they provide free services to start new charities or improve existing charities in the name of these Gold Star families.  

Dog Tag Brewing Legacy Lager is brewed and distributed by Pabst Brewing Company worldwide.  100% of Dog Tag Brewing's profits go to the Dog Tag Brewing Foundation in support of legacy building initiatives.  

Here at Take A Knee we commit to donating 50% of our profits from our launch on Memorial Day, through the end of August to the Dog Tag Brewing Foundation.

Dog Tag's motto is, "We believe that never forgetting means more than just remembering."  While we Take A Knee and remember those that serve and those that have paid the ultimate price for freedom, we want to assist in helping a fantastic group of veterans in their mission to remember and support those families that have given all for our country.

To find out more about the Dog Tag Brewing Foundation and the work they are doing in your community, please go to: https://www.dogtagbrewing.org/